Applied Behaviour Analysis and Verbal Behaviour: Basics and Application for People with Autism

Applied Behaviour Analysis and Verbal Behaviour for teaching children with autism. From a parent's point of view. Written in English.
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The author of this book is the father of a boy with autism. Excited about the enormous progress his son made with Applied Behaviour Analysis / Verbal Behaviour (ABA/VB), he wrote this book to help reduce the learning curve of affected parents and other people who have to teach children with autism.
The chapter on ABA/VB theory gives a clear and easy-to-understand description of the technical terms and the fundamentals (classic and operant conditioning), as well as explaining the classic and modern forms of  Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), and how Verbal Behaviour (VB) extends the principles of ABA to expressive language.
The practical chapters show how to implement ABA/VB training at home, even on an average income. They also illustrate additional and alternative methods of intervention and address criticisms of ABA/VB.
The last and largest chapter contains invaluable, first-hand reports from parents, (co-)therapists and professional ABA/VB providers.
This book will give the reader the information they need to unearth the hidden and often remarkable potential of children with autism. A must-read for any parent or therapist of a child with autism, these pages provide sound, balanced and first-hand advice from a father whose own victorious battle for his son’s well-being is woven into every line.

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